Con's Photo Gallery

Major Wins

2013 NGSPA "Hun" ASD Champion

2016 NGPDA AA Championship
AA Champion Prairie Wind Teton Aroma of Sage "Roma" (Mya's littermate) and Runner-Up sire FC Prairie Wind's Contender "Con"
Handled: Ronnie Sale
Scout: Rich Robertson
Owners of both dogs: Keith & Bobbi Richardson
Con was bred by Keith & Bobbi Richardson and Roma was bred by Don Lee out of Mya's sister and Con.

2016 Sharptail AA Champion and Runner up

2016 NGSPA Sharptail AA Championship
AA Champion FC Prairie Wind's Contender "Con" and Runner-Up Litter mate FC Prairie Wind's Fast Forward "Bert"
Handled by Ronnie Sale (Both dogs)
Owners and breeders of both dogs are Keith & Bobbi Richardson
It is special to note that these dogs are litter mates!